Thursday, May 13, 2010

When First She Knew (ghazal, imaginary)

Not strictly autobiographical - I didn't marry because I was pregant, etc. But we were challenged by Robert to write a "ghazal" (Persian form; complicated rules, including using your own name in the final stanza) but gave it a try anyway), so here goes:


When first she knew, it was big-deal time
A few short weeks to hide, to conceal time

To see how the life she’d known until now
and the new life within would congeal – time

to see if the man she loved would be a worthy father
to this child… a critical moment: “I’ll” or “we’ll” time

All day, absent-mindedly clicking away at her desk
until they meet back home, it’s give her spiel time

For if they start a family, it won’t be casual
It’s make or break; it’s “get real” time

His warm smile says more than his words
Her eyes fill with tears, then it’s squeal time

A quick but lovely wedding, the blessed event before
the blessed event… two hearts make a seal time

Life grows within, she grows round and wobbly
Harder to find her even-keel time

Yet expectation grows in Amy too, keeps pace, keeps peace
God watches the child at her breast, baby’s first meal time

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