Monday, May 17, 2010

A quick and less-than-stellar poem

Hey, all... Wanted to let you know
I'm on the road with "music to go"

I'll be back again quite soon
To post my moon, June, spoon!


(Hey, that's all I have in me... I'll post better stuff when I'm home again on my own computer!!) Peace to all, Amy


  1. Amy, I've read quite a way back on this my first visit to your blog, and your tiny poem for today tells me almost as much as the rest of your poetry. It sounds like you've had a tough time, and I hope that's over. Your poetry is beautifully and emotionally written.

  2. Thanks, Viv. A few days away from home and hanging with my hubby and his family have been very good for me... also, I had a moment of clarity last night in which I scribbled right before sleep, stream-of-consciousness writing, which turned out quite well. So all in all, I have a singing job in Binghamton tomorrow, looking forward to it, and some relaxation. Very good indeed.

    Thanks for letting me know you care and that you are reading my poetry, Viv. Means a lot! Amy

  3. Hey girl

    How'd the Bighamton gig go? I'm sure it was great. I get to read at an open mike thing on Friday at the Borders in Riverside CA.

    Wish me luck. - throwing the muse your way,