Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back home... to a new form!

Well, after a wonderful gig in Binghamton where I played a full hour overtime and with lots of friends (and some new friends) present, I am back at my little computer, yippee. God bless my wonderful husband, Lex, who lugged all the equipment, etc., because the bursitis in right shoulder is not getting better... OK, enough about real life.

Poetic Asides has a GREAT interview with The Poetry Bomb (check out his bright blue suit on his Facebook profile) and a new form, called a Lune. There are two forms - one 3-5-3 syllables; one 3-5-3 words. Sort of a haiku broth with some extras. This is based on a Long Beach, Long Island walk in the 80s.

Barefoot beach combing
A purple and white stone
the simplest treasure

Pleasures my pocket
Keeps me warm silent company
Til I'm home


  1. Love this short ditty, Amy! I'm happy to see that you have a blog. MySpace scares me. :) I build little cairns with the rocks pulled from my pockets. ~ Brenda

  2. Simple treasures are the best...a purple and white stone WOULD be something special!