Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday prompt: Enigma

The Blog "One Single Impression" asked us to create a poem around the theme, "Enigma." Lots of ways this could go... I pondered a WWII theme, but then came a vision...


How to describe this vision in black capris
black turtleneck and unprepossessing flats
Hair chopped swirled wildly dancing
Eyes of a fawn, deep brown, large, innocent

Posture perfect, but not posing
Unconscious that her aura
followed her like a cloud of jasmine
pervading the gathering with a palpable sense
of curiosity, of wonder, of imagination

Only one word for this gamine, this muse


© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil


  1. Good job...I wish I didn't have to catch up with my paying jobs.... *sigh*

  2. Liked this. Nice flow rhythm style and imagery.
    Very Audrey Hepburn 'Roman Holiday'

  3. Wow, Amy - great use of language and you said so much in (roughly) two stanzas.

  4. Thanks to you all... rallentanda, it began with my wordplay of enigma/gamine. The rest almost wrote itself! And of course, what other gamine merits tribute - there are many, Piaf in particular, but I was draw to the visual... a bit of "Sabrina" in there as well!

    Am having trouble posting comments on some sites, forgive me...