About Amy

I'm a singer/songwriter by trade; spent over 30 years breathing second-hand smoke in clubs and on tour. Early on, was privileged to be a staffer at the late, infamous Great American Food & Beverage Co. in Santa Monica, where everyone sang and played instruments. Wonderful friends, amazing breeding ground for talent. More on my music at the official site, www.amybarlowmusic.com.

Poetry came to me fairly recently. Living in a small town and missing my usual cultural surroundings, I flew to LA to visit my daughter, Riley, who was entering art school and also plays drums professionally. I was so mortified at the gentrification of Venice Beach, once a haven for artists and bozohemians in general, now all Starbucked up. It was enough to make you barf - or pick up a notebook and start scribbling a rant. That rant was later read aloud for Riley and friends Marcia and Jesse, and they felt I had a knack for free-verse poetry.

So now, amid my days as wife of a wonderful man who happens to be a pastor (talk about a family of callings), I scribble. Still write music, still perform when able, but poetry has taken hold of me in an interesting way... stay tuned!