Friday, April 30, 2010

Really Bad Haiku

Some folks love haiku; many poets on our blog hate it. Last year, Robert Lee Brewer asked bloggers to come up with BAD haiku. Here were a couple of mine. Enjoy at your own peril, and feel free to groan!

In sweet summer grass
I came upon a bullfrog
who didn't know war

Martha Rae, where has
she gone, she of the big mouth
and hair blazing red

Rain spatters splashes
against my window pane and
now I have to pee

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My First Publication

It's a big thrill for a writer to get that first publication. I've had websites pick up my work before, but holding the journal in my hands was a buzz!


It lay in the mailbox for an hour
Bathed by sun on our front porch, it was
warm to the touch.

Ripping open the wrapping
all is revealed
"The Awakenings Review"

Suddenly, I am published
Not the same as melisma and other
cyber publications

Tangible, touchable
Held in my hands
not by my computer screen

One speaks of abuse
One of the onset of depression
One of psychiatrists

All are me
All have something in common with other contributors
All of us, mentally ill and still creating

Suddenly, my entire world changed
There are still dishes to be washed
But first, a little writing...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



The show in Buffalo, all women
Divas in their best diamonds
(and I boasting sparkling paste)
When we pray before the show
All hands meet in the middle
A Busby Berkley shot
spokes of costly gems glittering in a pin spot

Later on, the ride back to the country
It’s a clear night
I pull over, lean out the window, glance skyward
Entrance, I get out and wander in a cornfield
Directly above, stars dance
They put earthy jewels to shame
Tiny flames on a backdrop of violet and blue

Layer upon exquisite layer
Reminding me that, in my humble C.Z.
I’ve nothing to be embarrassed about
The other girls have more money, but they’re no richer
For God created a palette so luxurious
no designer can match it
And it’s all free, regardless of one’s stature