Friday, June 4, 2010

Dance Groove Funhouse (Big Tent Prompt)

Big Tent Poetry invited us all to bust loose and do or be or say whatever you wanted, no strings, just outrageous fun. I am channeling my old friend Sidnie on this one, because she is one fantastic party on this earth!


If you’re ready to rock
Aching for a rollercoaster ride
Follow me

If you know there’s something more than this this this
And really want THAT THAT THAT
Step this way

Slip out of those comfortable shoes and
fling them so hard they fly away
Come on now

Instead of whining when the kid next door plays music too loud
DANCE – you know you wanna, barefoot on the sidewalk
Groove to it

If you feel rhythm coming out of nowhere
It’s the universe calling
Move to it

This world craves sheer delight and whirligigs
No faking if you have the heart of the child
We know you do

Scare up a little trouble, nothing harmful
Charmful, maybe… rhythm smiles free hugs to strangers
Let go today

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil


  1. Okay Amy, so extremely happy I visited you before heading to my thinking place(bed) for the night.

    I want THAT THAT THAT....I'm always searching for it in my poetry. Stripping away all the 'this' that I think I need to say for others, and trying to be pure honest in what I need to say for me. 'This' has been so done before.

    I think many of us stay safe in our skins/worlds - comfortable. We do what keeps us socially acceptable, and lose a bit of ourselves in our front. I'm working real hard to bust out, be true and feel everything full force; wiggle a little with the elation of it all.

    Thank you for such a positive, and inspiring poem. Also, thank you for your visit to my site, and please, come back anytime.

    - Dina

  2. The last time I hugged a stranger I ended up married..Not doing it again:)

  3. Oh Amy, this is a delightful gem! Initially, the narrator reminds me of a ringmaster, and I smiled at the Big Tent connection.
    Dang it, now I want to go dancing! Inspirational piece..I love it!

  4. Joyful dance! A lovely double dare!

  5. Excuse me, I need to go dance. <3

  6. it's the phrase "no faking" that really speaks to me here. sometimes even when we want to do something, we still hold back. "no faking" is an important part of this poem!

  7. An anthem, a fervent call to let go. I like the idea of "Instead of whining when the kid next door plays music too loud/ DANCE ..."