Friday, June 4, 2010

The Door to Deceitful Delights


The door to deceitful delights
she discovered within
Plied with that first fizzy fun punch
Pried open wider by a toke of particularly prime pot
Finally flung open with the abandon possessed by
twenty-something Immortals

This same door dwelled
in her mother and others long passed
Smothering, smoldering smoke and
various places to place opium
by hookah or
by whodathunkit

Twenty-something was wise
She grew tired of wasting time
Time to grow up
We can’t all be Peter Pan
or Tinkerbell, even
She shoved her full weight against the door
Forced it shut and with it all the shit, shove-stored

She knows she could open it again
on a whim or over a heartbreak
But she willingly tossed the key
into a pool of other bad memories
where she chooses not to swim
knowing she’d only sink like a stone

© 2010 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

1 comment:

  1. nicely done...doors discovered within....loe it....thanks for sharing Amy